For an effective business growth, you need more input to your business especially with higher productivity, which should be the number one priority in your business. The ultimate accomplishment of any business is increased productivity and since competition in the business world is on the rise at a very tremendous rate your business needs to find ways of increasing its productivity to keep up with the competition. These android and iOS applications if  implemented can successfully improve business productivity and boost your business in general.


Microsoft Office AppCarlosjj-Microsoft-Office-2013-Office

It’s important for your business to rely on the MS Office application both for mobile and Personal Computers. The mobile app gives you access to a standardize PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheet, word processor all in a mobile friendly format. With the MS Office mobile app you can easily sync files from PC to the smartphone and vice versa.

Google Drive

Google drive boosts your business to a whole new level with 15 GB of free cloud based storage, an added advantage is the ability to purchase more space if needed. This app provides you access to all types of files such as images, notes, files that have been processed and saved on Google Drive without independent on the device you are using. It also provides you an interface to capture images of printed text and then convert them into Google documents that can be uploaded into a cloud storage, thus making the document accessible to any device connected to the internet.


Evernote is both an android and iOS app. It’s simple to use, quick to note taking, storage of information, creating tasks and to do lists making it one of the successful apps. This is hands down the best note application one can get on their mobile device.

Expense Manager App

This android app helps you in managing business finances. This is vital because it helps you in keeping track of all your business finances in an accessible platform, your mobile.The flow of money can easily be managed. It helps you identify and record business expenses and showcase them in the form of visual graphs for easier analysis and manipulation.

Asana for android and iOS

Good communication and efficient teamwork among colleagues has never been a simple task, but with this app Asana, it provides tools for collaboration among members from different locations in creating and editing to do lists for the team, prioritizing tasks and assigning action items for team members.
In conclusion applications might be simple icons on our phone but the impart they have on a businesses can make or break it. With the accessibility of documents anywhere, anytime being made easy and convenient. It’s evident that your business needs software applications since they are providing much help needed within the business process, regardless of where you are located at any given time.