In what seems to be a sick turn of events for Samsung’s latest and greatest, The Galaxy Note 5  seems to be time bomb waiting to happen in users pocket. The Galaxy Note 5 gets its name from it’s unique stylus, the S-Pen.  The Note family is a very successfully smartphone brand line thanks to its productivity killer feature pen. However a recent discovery in its latest iteration, the Note 5, may drive sales of the latest beast to its knees.


A recent flaw in the design of the phone stylus slot will break the device and cease functionality of the S-Pen. It turns out that if you stick the S Pen in backwards, which you should NEVER DO, you’ll end up breaking the S Pen detection mechanism. You should not experiment this if you already own a Note 5 as we guarantee you that you will likely ruin your $800+ smartphone to a non fixable state, just don’t do it. Don’t worry about this issue if you’re on a previous note as it’s totally not an issue on previous generations thanks to the internal and S Pen design. This is only a Note 5 issue.


Samsung’s response was something like this “We highly recommend our Galaxy Note 5 users follow the instructions in the user guide to ensure there are no issues.” Well we understand they cannot be fully blamed for any damages but thinking that simply inserting the pen backwards ruins it’s sole productivity tool is simply scary. What if, say a child or just an unaware guest, does this unawares and ruins your probably favorite gadget, this is nothing but disapointing considering it’s something they should’ve thought of back in it’s design labs. Samsung needs to take responsibility for this and preferably take action on its new units.

If you’re tempted to do this to your own unit we advice to watch the video below as unfortunately life doesn’t come with  Ctrl+Z button yet