If you’re not yet lost in the vast personal digital assistants on your phone, Facebook is throwing a new assistant to you, ” ‘M’, a personal digital assistant inside of Messenger that completes tasks and finds information on your behalf,” says David Marcus, head of Messenger at Facebook. The guys over at Facebook are throwing themselves at M one may think it’s their rocket-ship for escaping a doomed planet earth like in the space movies.

M Welcome Dialogue



How It Works

If you want to test out the new service, tap a little button at the bottom of your messenger app to send a message to M, same way you do to send a message to a friend. M’s software will do its magic to decode and understand your natural voice, ask followup questions in the message thread, and send you relevant infomation. Users won’t necessarily know whether a computer or a person has helped them; unlike Siri and Cortana, M has no gender.
For now, M doesn’t pull from the social data Facebook collects to complete tasks. So, if you request a gift for your spouse, the service will make suggestions based only on your answers to questions it asks you and previous conversations you and M have had. Marcus says that may change “at some point, with proper user consent.” The service is free, and will be available to all Facebook Messenger users eventually.