The age of technology and smartphones has completely revolutionized the business sector. Making the business industry more attractive and intelligent at the same time. It is evident that at this era it is important for any smartphone or technology innovator to consider the business community to be able to have a real marketable product. The stiff competition in this sector has forced the innovators to push more on the business-oriented application that will appeal to the business community.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 announced just last week has  already proven to have more business friendly features so far; that makes it more attractive to the business-oriented customers. The smartphone has earned bragging rights for it’s innovative S Pen tool that acts as a smart pen, enable you to scribble notes down on your smartphone even with the screen off, without any hustle of launching up notes. As with any smartphone in 2015 should, the Note 5 comes with a touch based fingerprint scanner, locking out any potential trespassers and giving the owner faster access to the phone without the use of cumbersome passwords or patterns. The extra security feature is more appropriate for the business users whom need access to private business or client data on their mobile devices.

The 5.7 inch super Amoled (Just a fancy screen technology name) provides extra screen real estate compared to it’s peers that goes a long way towards improving productivity. The large display makes it more comfortable for reading emails and web browsing hence providing more space for viewing and editing spreadsheets and documents right from the phone. The screen size also makes it possible for the user to use efficiently the Multi Window feature that allows you to work with two apps all at the same time in a split-screen view for easier multitasking.

Time is money and to the business community the phrase is taken hence no one would like to waste time with a phone that lags from one app or feature to another one. The Note 5 is probably the best smartphone out there for the best mobile productivity today. With it’s PC matching specs of 4GB RAM the device is definitely a killer for all your multi tasking needs. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has the most business-friendly software additions of any smartphone and is undoubtedly our mobile productivity companion. It’s little software and hardware extras make up days and nights compared to the competition, which frankly isn’t there… for now. The phone is available for purchase in the US come August 21st.