There is no shortage of business applications to choose from. The trouble is that it is quite difficult to locate a the right generic program that works well with your specific business structure. Every business is different. At Friendly Solutions our excellent team of programming professionals will work to create a program just for you, based on a comprehensive analysis of your needs, challenges and critical business goals. That means that you will not have to modify your business model to work with a new program. Your new business application will be exclusively designed for you.

Some of our key Friendly programming solutions are:

  • Paperless Document Storage, Organization, & Retrieval
  • Customer Relationship Management/Client database
  • Allowing two programs to work together or
  • Adding on to the existing program and your current software
  • Extranet for clients

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Great Prices

We charge a single simple monthly subscription for all of your network management and remote problem resolution. We don’t charge subscribers by the hour, so you never need to worry about the cost of calling us.

Rapid Response

We can perform over 98% of your IT Support remotely, without the delay, inconvenience and most importantly, the cost of having an expensive engineer onsite.

Emergency Onsite Support

When it’s needed we can quickly get an engineer onsite to solve your problems. In fact some of our IT support plans include emergency onsite support at no additional cost.